Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Kirstenbosch project

This is a collection of my excursion through Kirstenbosch Gardens in Western Cape, South Africa.
This flower belongs to the Protea family, which is chiefly native to South Africa. This specific species belonging to the genus Leucospermum and was found in Kirstenbosch Gardens tucked away in the beautiful mountains of Cape Town. The picture however was slightly manipulated in terms of the background. 
The carpenter bee. This species of bee is very common in the Western Cape. These bees play a major role in the pollination of indegenous species of flowers and are therefore extremely valuable to the survival of our flower population. 

This magnificent species belongs to one of the most beautiful varieties within its family and is referred to as Pelargonium betulinum. This species can be found on South Western and Southern Cape Coastal Dunes and flowers from August through November and into January.

This flower is referred to as the Bitterbos, which in English means "bitter bush" and flowers from August through December into February.

This species is referred to as Leucospermum Cordifolium. A species of the protea family and is found on rocky sandstone slopes in extreme South Western Cape.

Leucospermum Cordifolium

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A few new images

The Mole snake is a common species throughout Southern Africa. This species kills prey by means of constriction, suffocating prey and eventually swallowing it whole. 

Old horse stable. This shot was taken in Calvinia in Northern Cape South Africa. These stables are no longer used, but provide for a good idea of the old "Farm style" living which, was lead by most people in South Africa. 

Mole snake.

Mole snake

This shot was taken for the textures which the snake offers. Notice the upper section of the body in contrast to the lower section.

Old Dams Northern cape.