Monday, 30 July 2012

A few new pics during my recent travels.

Up the tree.

This species is referred to as The Crane Flower as it supposedly resembles South Africa's national bird (bird of paradise), "The Blue Crane" and is therefore commonly known as "the bird of paradise flower."

Crane Flower

Crane Flower.

Weaver Bird nest. Weaver birds often construct nests such as these. The males are a bright yellow in colour, where as females are brown. The bright colours of the male is a symbol of health and strong genes, which attracts females to mate.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My best from Newlands Forest and Rhodes Memorial Cape Town

Protea Nitida. This species flowers throughout the year. Note the African bees assisting in the pollination of the flower.

Protea Nitida

This is a species referred to as Gladiolus Maculatus. Flowering March to July and found mainly in clay slopes in Renosertveld in the South western and Eastern Cape.

This beautiful specimen is referred to by its scientific name as Gladiolus Priorii. This species flowers from April to June and is found on sandstone and granite slopes in the South Western Cape.

This species is referred to as the hairy legged or Web Spider. They often dwell on branches and feed off unheralded prey such as grasshoppers.

This wild mushroom is growing out of a pine cone. Fungus are known to help in the decomposition process. This is a good depiction of decomposition. 

Garden Orb web spider.

A simple canopy image from the tree surrounding me in Newlands Forest.